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Exp-1 To observe the Zeeman splitting of the green (546.1nm) mercury line using Fabry-Perot etalon for normal transverse and longitudinal configuration.
Exp-2 Determining the polarization state of the triplet components in transverse configuration.
Exp-3 Determining the polarization state of the doublet components in longitudinal configuration.

  • Compact electromagnet can be placed in transverse/ longitudinal direction.
  • High resolution Fabri-Perot etalon to detect wavelength change of 0.002nm.
  • Central wavelength of interference filter is 546.1nm.
  • Safety tested multipurpose power supply
  • Clear orbital splitting is observed on CCD camera.
  • Gaussmeter with axial hall probe.
  • Bohr's atomic model.
  • Quantization of energy levels.
  • Fabry Perot interferometer.
  • Electron spin.
  • Bohr’s magneton.

Principle and Working:
The Zeeman effect is the splitting of atomic energy levels, under application of external magnetic field, which are additionally characterized by the orbital and spin angular momentum or Bohr’s Magneton.
In this set up the normal Zeeman effect is investigated which characterizes the splitting of energy levels observed by the spectral lines of corresponding electron transitions. A line triplet perpendicular to the magnetic field and a line doublet parallel to the magnetic field having very small difference in wavelengh is observed instead of a single line without magnetic field. The splitting of 546.1 nm wavelength from Mercury light source under strong magnetic field in transverse and longitudinal direction is observed through CCD camera on computer. The Bohr’s Magneton can be calculated from the measurements in experiment.


Cat. No. Item Name Qty.
SL214 Optical Bench 1
SL436 Transverse saddle 3
SL754 Convex lens in holder 5cm & 10cm 2
SL801 Polarizer filter 1
CD499 Quarter wave filter 1
CD541 Electromagnet 1
SE1044 Power supply for electromagnet 1
SN1023 Mercury lamp with supply 1
CD502 Mercury lamp holder 1
CD935 Fabry-Perot etalon 1
R9448 USB camera 1
SEA20 Digital Gauss meter 1
CD936 Color filter with holder 1
SL233 Micrometer Eyepiece 1

* Additionally Required:
Computer not supplied with this setup.

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