Higher Physics Lab Atomic & Nuclear Physics



Exp-1 Detecting Gamma Radiation with a scintillation counter.
Exp-2 Recording and calibrating Gamma Spectrum.
Exp-3 Identifying & determining activity of radioactive samples.
Exp-4 Qualitative observation of the Compton Effect.
Exp-5 Energy calibration.
Exp-6 Detector Energy Resolution.
Exp-7 Pair Production and Annihilation.
Exp-8 Counting Statistics.
Exp-9 Absorption of Gamma radiation.
Exp-10 Multichannel scaling and Half Life.

  • An external MCA interfacing through the computer USB port.
  • USB Support
  • Powerful System Software for Analyzing data.
  • Connects to a USB port eliminating the need to install cards inside the computer.
  • Scintillation detector.
  • Gamma radiation.
  • Energy resolution.
  • Multichannel analyser.
  • Compton effect.

This setup with internal pre-amplifier allows direct connection to scintillation detectors. The bipolar amplifier includes polarity selection and multiple shaping times when using different types of detectors with external pre-amplifiers. Upper and lower level discriminators may be set for rejection of unwanted signals. The high voltage supply is rated to +2048V for use with scintillation or proportional detectors. Optional polarity selection is available for use with detectors requiring negative bias. A pre-amplifier power connector (±12V) is included for use with our model PA-1 external pre-amplifier. A 10µsec fixed conversion ADC allows high throughput with dead-time correction. Input selection for pre-amplifier, amplifier or ADC is controlled through computer. A background buffer is included for storing a spectrum when background subtraction, factional spectrum stripping or overlay is required. Presets include real time, live time and ROI integral. UCS30 may be operated as a multichannel scaler for time correlated studies e.g. half-life decay. A special mossbauer mode is included with MSB output for synchronization of the drive circuit. X-ray mapping may be performed with the optional ROI output. An auto-calibrate mode is provided that automatically sets the HV and amplifier gain to 1 keV/channel using a Cs-137 source.


Cat. No. Item Name Qty.
UCS30-XK Universal Computer Spectrometer 1
SPA 38 Scintillation probe with stand 1
RSS 8 Set of 8 gamma sources 1
RAS20 Set of 20 Absorbers 1
LSDISK 50 Lead Shield for radioactive sources 1
USB 6 USB cable 1
LM5 Manual CD 1

Computer Spectrometer Options
UCS301K - 1024 channel.
UCS302K - 2048 channel.
UCS304K - 4096 channel.

* Additionally Required
Computer (not supplied with the setup).
Isotope generator for half life experiment.


* Note
RAS20 is required only for Exp-9.
Isotope generator is required only for Exp-10.

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