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Exp- 1 Plotting a Geiger Plateau characteristics curve.
Exp- 2 To calculate the Statistics of Counting.
Exp- 3 To study the Background radiation.
Exp- 4 To measure the Resolving Time.
Exp- 5 To verify the Inverse Square Law.
Exp- 6 To calculate the Range of Alpha Particles.
Exp- 7 To study the Absorption of Beta Particles.
Exp- 8 To calculate the Beta Decay Energy.
Exp- 9 To calculate the Absorption of Gamma Rays.
Exp-10 To calculate the Geiger Tube Efficiency.
Exp-11 To calculate the Shelf Ratios.
Exp-12 To study the Backscattering.
Exp-13 To calculate the Half Life of Ba-137m.

  • Preset Time
  • Digital Ratemeter
  • Preset Audio Alarm
  • Adjustable High Voltage
  • Volume Control
  • Operate both manual and software mode.
  • G.M. counter.
  • G.M. tube efficiency.
  • Alpha, Beta & Gamma radiation.
  • Decay energy.

Radiation Measurement System is built around the Radiation Counter and GM tube along with different types of radioactive sources and absorbers to study the characteristics of radiation, background radiation, Gm’s operation and the interaction of radiation with matter. The radiation counter includes the features of a preset time function, a digital rate-meter with audible beeper and alarm and digitally controlled high voltage supply and computer interfacing via USB cable.

Operation may be as a stand-alone station or directly from the computer when used. Data files are saved in spreadsheet compatible format for importing in most common spreadsheets allowing the student to perform calculations and graph the results for printing.
The Radiation Counter is equipped with upgraded high voltage and an internal pre-amplier allowing operation with optional scintillation detectors for gross gamma counting.


Cat. No. Item Name Qty. Exp. No.
ST360 Radiation Counter 1 1 - 13
GP35 GM-35 Tube with stand 1 1 - 13
RSS5 Set of five radioactive source 1 1,2,3,5,6,7,8,10,11,12
RSS8 Set of 8 gamma sources 1 9
RSS2 Set of three half disks 1 4
RAS20 Set of 20 absorbers 1 7,8,9,12
LSDISK50 Lead shield for radioactive source 1 1 - 13
USB6 USB cable 1 1 - 13
LM5 Manual CD 1 1 - 13

* Additionally Required
Computer (not supplied with the setup).
Isotope generator for half life experiment.

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