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Exp-1 To observe brownian movement in charged oil droplets.
Exp-2 To determine the quantum nature of charge.

  • Quick and accurate measurement.
  • Clarity of drops for measurements.
  • Stability of drops during measurements.
  • Inbuilt power supply.
  • USB Camera.
  • Electron charge.
  • Terminal velocity.
  • Electric field.
  • Brownian motion.
  • Stoke's law.

Millikan oil drop experiment can test and verify the quantum nature of charges, measure the elemental charges and observe the brownian movement.
In the setup SK052 the oil drops are viewed through the eyepiece while in SK052A the motion of oil drops is viewed by USB camera on PC which makes it easier to observe the experiment.


Cat. No. Item Name SK052 SK052A
J2438 Millikan's Apparatus 1 1
SP816 Digital stop watch 1 1
SN289 Oil atomizer 1 1
R9448 USB Camera   1

* Additionally Required
Computer not supplied with this setup.

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