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Exp-1 Validating the Rutherford's scattering formula.

This experiment demonstrates the Rutherford's scattering experiment. A cylindrical plastic chamber houses a Po-210 alpha particle source at one end, and 8.6cm diameter circle of alpha particle-sensitive film at the other. The film develops in 2.5 molar NaOH. Beam angle of particle source is 2.5 degrees, with deflecting angle of 20 degrees in both positive and negative side. Film is exposed to approximately for 7 days. The set-up also requires a vacuum pump to evacuate the chamber, stereo microscope for viewing film, beaker and heater for film processing.


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1 Rutherford Scattering with Po-210 source 1
2 Scattering film sheets 5
3 Replacement source 1

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