Higher Physics Lab Atomic & Nuclear Physics



Exp-1 To determine planck’s constant.
Exp-2 To verify the inverse square law.

  • Inbuilt power supply & photocell.
  • Different types of filters and LED.
  • Different types of wave length of all filters and LED
  • Photoelectric effect.
  • Photo cell.
  • Work function.
  • Planck's constant.
  • Photoelectric voltage.
  • Photon energy.

Principle and Working:
The photon energy by Einstein equation E=hn is equal to energy gap Eg between the valence and conduction bands. The energy Eg is equal to the energy barrier eV0, that electron have to overcome in going from n-doped side of diode junction to p-doped side when no external voltage V is applied to the diode.
In the p-doped side, electron recombine with holes releasing the energy Eg in the form of photon is given by equation

Eg = eV0


S. No. Item Name Qty.
1 Planck's Constant Apparatus 1
2 Set of color filters 1

Atomic & Nuclear Physics Experiments