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Exp-1 Diffraction of X-Ray:
  Bragg's Law.
 Laue's Method.
 Debye Scherrer's Method.
 To determine Planck's constant by using Duane-Hunt's displacement law.
Exp-2 Mosley's Law.
Exp-3 Distance Law.
Exp-4 Absorption Experiment.
Exp-5 Dosimetry and Radiation Protection.
Exp-6 Properties of X-rays:
  Linear Propagation.
  X- Ray Photography.
Exp-7 Fluorescent radiation.
Exp-8 Shielding of X-Rays.

The experiment chamber is contained in a closed, radiation-proof housing with a transparent synthetic-glass shield. The high vacuum X-Ray tube with the directly heated tungsten cathode and copper anode is positioned in a borosilicate glass chamber with a thin walled, concave ray emission window. A lead glass hood with a collimator causes X-rays to emerge in parallel with the experiment plane and provides a shield against scattered radiation. The horizontal counter tube goniometer consists of a central sample holder and the swiveling arm. In the form of a slight ray, this arms serves as a mount for the GM Tube, ionization chamber as well as experimental devices in slide format or on a 5cm X 5cm base plate. This swiveling arm can be rotated manually independently of the sample holder or at a fixed mutual angle with the ratio of 2:1, for instant, for experiments involving Bragg's refection. The devices equipped with angle and mm scale, position marking for experimental devices, as well as radiation proof bushings for cables and houses.


Cat. No. Item Name Qty.
1000665 X-Ray Apparatus 1
1000666 Basic Equipment Set 1
1000667 Crystallographic 1
1000661 Radiography Accessories 1
1012871 Geiger Muller Tube 1
1000669 Bragg Driver 1
1000670 Filmpack 2 1
1008508 Filmpack 4 1

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* Additionally Required Items:

Cat. No. Item Name Qty.
1008629 X-Ray Energy Detector 1
1012868 Set of Fluorescence Sample 1

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