Higher Physics Lab Light & Optics



Exp-1 To determine the resolving power of a telescope.

  • Modular approach.
  • Components can be used for other laboratory experiments.
  • Resolving power.
  • Monochromatic light.
  • Critical width.
  • Traveling microscope.
  • Consecutive slit.

Principle and Working :
Resolving power of a telescope is defined as the reciprocal of the smallest angle subtended at the objective lens of the telescope by two point objects which can be just distinguished as separate.
Resolving power of telescope is given by :

Resolving Power = D/d = a / 1.22 λ

Where, λ = 589 nm mean wavelength of light used
D = is distance of the objects from objective of the telescope.
d - is distance between two consecutive slits or objects
a - is critical width of the rectangular slit for just resolution of two slits or objects.


Cat No. Item Name Qty
SL803 Lamp housing 1
SE080 Power supply 12V 1
SL756 Convex lens in holder 2
SL226 Object screen 1
CD555 Slit Holder 1
SW092 Bosshead 5
CD920 Optical base 1
SG100 ‘A’ base 1

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