Higher Physics Lab Light & Optics



Exp-1 Diffraction of light by single slit.
Exp-2 Diffraction of light by double slit.
Exp-3 Diffraction of light by multiple slit.
Exp-4 Diffraction of light by fine wire.
Exp-5 Diffraction of light by cross wire.
Exp-6 Diffraction of light by wire mesh.
Exp-7 Diffraction of light by transmission grating.
Exp-8 Diffraction of light by coarse grating.
Exp-9 Diffraction of light by circular aperture (Pinhole).

  • Imported diffraction slide set in SK078.
  • Set of 13 slides in SK173.
  • Class II diode laser.
  • Silicon detector.
  • Diffraction.
  • Uncertainty of location.
  • Wave-particle.
  • Fresnel diffraction.

Principle and Working :
Diffraction phenomenon of light can be observed when a laser beam passes through a diffraction slit. The intensity pattern can be determined using a pin photo detector with fine movement across the diffraction pattern.
In the present setup, the light intensity in the terms of current or voltage is noted at closed intervals by finely traversing the detector movement and observing the light intensity on a digital multimeter. The intensity versus distance curve is plotted on a graph for calculations. The device consists of one meter long optical bench with two transverse saddle for laser and slit mount and one transverse saddle with micrometer for detector. A number of diffraction slits and gratings are provided with this setup.


Cat No. Item Name SK078 SK173
SL214 Optical bench 1 1
SL436 Transverse saddle 2 2
CD567 Saddle with micrometer 1 1
CH829 Diode laser with power adaptor 1 1
CD555 Slit holder 1 1
SN1016 Pin hole photo detector 1 1
SE067 Digital multimeter 1 1
SL744 Diffraction slide set (Imported) 1  
R5199 Set of 13 slides   1
CD732 Single wire 1 1
CD733 Cross wire 1 1
LP18 Connecting lead 1 1
SL795 Diffraction grating (15000 lines)   1

Light & Optics Experiments