Higher Physics Lab Light & Optics



Exp-1 To Measure the light intensity of plane polarised light as a function of the analyzer position.
Exp-2 To study the polarization of light by quarter wave plate.
Exp-3 To study the polarization of light by two quarter wave plate.
Exp-4 To verify the inverse square law.
Exp-5 To verify Malus-law.

  • Halogen light source.
  • Computer connectivity.
  • Precise measurement using vernier light sensor.
  • Polarization
  • Malus law
  • Polarizer, Analyser
  • Circularly and elliptically polarized light.
  • Plane of polarization.

Principle and Working :
A wave plate or retarder is an optical device that alters the polarization state of a light beam traveling through it. In the present setup, halogen light source with yellow light filter passes through a polarizer to produce linear polarized light. This polarized light then falls on a quarter wave plate L/4. The emergent light passes through analyser. It is investigated at different angles of L/4 plate ( 0°, 30°, 45°, 60° and 90°) between the optic axis of the wave plate and the direction of the incident light. The light intensity can be investigated with the analyser over the range -90° to +90°. At 0° and 90° of L/4 with respect to optic axis, the transmitted light is linearly polarized, at 45° it is circularly polarized, and at 30° and 60° it is elliptically polarized.


Cat No. Item Name Qty.
SL214 Optical bench 1
SL436 Transverse saddle 2
SW840 Halogen light source 1
SL801 Polarizer / Analyzer 2
CD499 Quarter wave plate 2
  Light sensor 1
  Data logger 1
CD542 Light sensor holder 1
SE080 Power supply 1
R7903 Yellow light filter 1

* Additionally Required
Computer is not supplied with this setup.

Light & Optics Experiments