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Michelson Interferometer
Exp-1 Interference fringes observation.
Exp-2 Equal thickness interference.
Exp-3 Determination of wavelength.
Exp-4 Refractive index of transparency slice.
Exp-5 Equal inclination interference.
Exp-6 White light interference.
Exp-7 Precise comparing of wavelengths.
Exp-8 Refractive index of air.

Fabry-Perot Interferometer
Exp-9 Multiple beam Interference
Exp-10 Measurement of the wavelength separation of sodium D-lines.
Exp-11 Measurement of wavelength of He-Ne laser.

Twyman-Green Interferometer
Exp-12 Demonstration of Twyman-Green interferometer.

  • Includes both He-Ne laser and sodium tungsten lamp.
  • Highly stable, Easy operation & Precision optics.
  • Innovative design, with three modes of operation.
  • Interference.
  • Wave length.
  • Coherent source.
  • Superposition.
  • Refractive index.
  • Michelson.
  • Fabry-Perot.
  • Twyman-Green.

This equipment combines the historically important Michelson interferometer, the high resolution Fabry-Perot interferometer and the useful Twyman-Green interferometer.

Measurements are precise in three classical modes of operation. Switching between the three modes of operation and aligning components are very simple, as this complete set of high quality components is carefully mounted on a heavy, stable base.


S. No. Item Name Qty.
1 Interferometer main frame 1
2 He-Ne laser 1
3 Laser holder 1
4 Ground glass screen 1
5 Holder for beam expander 1
6 Extension arm 1
7 Two-in-One observation screen 1
8 Transparent slice samples 2
9 Transparent slice clamp 1
10 Sodium-Tungsten lamp 1
11 Air chamber and pump with gauge 1

Flatness of beam splitter & compensator plate 0.1λ
Minimum travel reading 0.00025mm
Travel of moving mirror 0.625mm (travel of fine micrometer: 25mm)
Sodium-tungsten lamp Sodium: 10W, Tungsten:15W
He-Ne laser output 0.7 ~ 1nW@632.8nm
Overall dimension 350mmx350x245mm
Weight Approx. 15kg

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