Higher Physics Lab Light & Optics



Exp-1 To measure the rotation of the polarisation plane through optically active liquids and determine the concentration of sugar solution.

  • Stand alone setup integrates the sodium lamp, power supply and polarimeter in one unit.
  • Inbuilt reading magnifier to read the circular scale.
  • Easy to take reading because the scale reading and triple shades are visible simultaneously.
  • Polarimeter
  • Half wave plate
  • Optical rotation
  • Optical activity
  • Specific rotation
  • Monochromatic light
  • Concentration.

Principle and Working :
A polarimeter is an instrument which measures the rotation of the polarisation plane through optically active liquids. It is used to analyse the concentration and contents of substance like sugar solutions. The polarizer produces linear polarised light. This polarised light passes through the half wave plate and then the sample substance. After this it passes through the analyser to the eyepiece. In the eyepiece a triple shadow field can be observed and the angle of rotation is measured with a circular scale and vernier.


Cat No. Item Name Qty.
SW441 Compact quartz polarimeter 1
SW844 Polarimeter tube (small) 1
SW843 Polarimeter tube (big) 1
SC217 Beaker 250 ml 1
SC376 Funnel 1
SC438 Pipette 1

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