Higher Physics Lab Light & Optics



Exp-1 Measuring focal length using auto collimation.
Exp-2 Focal length using displacement method.
Exp-3 Assembling a slide projector.
Exp-4 Young's double-slit interference.
Exp-5 Fresnel diffraction of single slit.
Exp-6 Fresnel diffraction of single circular aperture.
Exp-7 Abbe imaging principle & optical spatial filtering.
Exp-8 Pseudo-color, theta modulation & color composition

  • Eight experiment in one kit.
  • Geometric and physical optics.
  • Easy alignment.
  • Comprehensive Documents.
  • Cost effective solution.
  • Fresnel diffraction.
  • Young’s double slit.
  • Auto collimation.
  • Abbe imaging.
  • Pseudo-color encoding.

Optics Experiment Kit is developed for Basic physics education in universities and colleges. It can be used to construct eight experiments, covering the basic experiments in geometrical optics, physical optics and information optics.
In the present setup, offers an economic solution for covering a wide range of optical properties and principle. Eight experiments are all performed along the rail and are suitable for ordinary laboratory environments. The instruction manual contains comprehensive materials including experiment setups, principles, procedures and required parts with photos. Through selecting and assembling individual components into complete setups, student's experimental skills and problem solving ability can be greatly enhanced.


S. No. Item Name Qty
1 1-D adjustable carrier 4
2 2-D adjustable carrier 2
3 3-D adjustable carrier 1
4 Laser Holder 1
5 Two-Axis Tiltable Holder 2
6 Lens holder 2
7 Plate Holder A 1
8 White Screen, Object Screen 1
9 Optical Rail, Magnetic Base 1
10 Iris Diaphragm, Paper Clip 1
11 Single-Side Rotary Adjustable Slit 1
12 Multi-Pinhole Disk Assembly 1
13 Lens Beam Expander f =6.2 mm 1
14 Mounted Lenses f =50, 150, 190 mm 1
15 Plane Mirror 36mm×4 mm 1
16 Transmission Grating 20 L/ mm 1
17 Transmission Characters with Grid 1
18 Zero Order Filter 1
19 Theta Modulation Plate 1
20 Double-slit, Slide Film 1
21 Bromine Tungsten Lamp 4/6V15W 1
22 He-Ne Laser 2/1.5mW@632.8nm 1

Light & Optics Experiments