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Exp-1 To determine the wave length of monochromatic light (using sodium light source or He- Ne laser).

  • Precise measurement, mirror control is extremely fine with the micrometer of least count of 0.0001mm.
  • Heavy base for high stability.
  • The mirrors and beam splitter are flat upto λ /8.
  • Interference.
  • Wave length.
  • Coherent source.
  • Superposition.
  • Virtual light source.

Principle and Working :

When a coherent light beam enters into beam splitter, it is divided into two parts, thus two beams travel in different directions, are reflected into each other through two mirrors forming interference patterns when they are combined and superimposed. In the present setup, measuring the wavelength of sodium light or He-Ne laser, using an equation: λ=2.D/n

where, D is the total displacement whereas n is the number of intensity maxima counted.


Cat No. Item Name SK002 SK025
SW933 Michelson Interferometer 1 1
SL930 Sodium light source 1  
C0412 Telescope 1  
C0423 Pin hole 1  
C0390 Ground glass 1  
R3891 He-Ne laser   1
CD556 Microscope objective with holder   1
C1734 Object screen   1
SW978 Lab jack   1
SG110 Cylindrical base   1
C0379 Holder 1  

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