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Exp-1 Recording the current-voltage characteristics of a solar cell as a function of the irradiance.
Exp-2 Recording the current-load characteristics of a solar cell as a function of the irradiance
PHYSICS, Class XII, Part - 2, Chapter - 14,material device & simple circuits.

V-I characteristic of a solar cell can be obtained using this apparatus. The ratio of maximum useful power and ideal power can also be calculated. The maximum useful power is the area of largest rectangle that can be formed under the V-I curve. If the voltage and current corresponding to this largest area are denoted by Vm & Im, then the maximum useful power is Vm x Im. The ratio of useful power to the ideal power is called the fill factor. It consists of solar module, decade resistance box module, lamp source, switch and circuit board.

Scope of Supply:

Cat. No. Item Name Qty.
SEB21 Circuit Board 1
C4160 Decade Resistance Box 1
SE067 Digital Multimeter 2
LP17 Flexible Lead Set (50cm) 6
R5740 Lamp Source 1
SEC14 Solar Module 1
SEB53 Switch Module 1
SE080 Power Supply 1
SG110 Cylindrical Base 1
  Instruction manual 1

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