School Science Lab Light and Optics



Exp-1 To study law of reflection.
Exp-2 To study reflection by spherical mirrors.
Exp-3 To study refraction.
Exp-4 Total internal reflection.
Exp-5 Refraction through lens.
Exp-6 Refraction through prism.
Exp-7 Colour mixing of different colours.
SCIENCE, Class X, Chapter-10, Light -reflection & refraction.
PHYSICS, Class XII, Part-2,Chapter-9, Ray optics & optical instruments.

The Light box kit is specially designed for demonstrating basic concepts of reflection, refraction & colour mixing of different colours using various optical components. The kit can be used by an individual student or it can be used for demonstration to a small group of students.

Ray optics kit provided with above scope of supply with magnetic board and magnetic component for vertical demonstration of experiment by teacher.

Ray optics kit provided with above scope of supply without magnetic board and magnetic component for individual student experimentation.

Scope of Supply:

Cat. No. Item Name SN639A SN640A
C7472 Light Box 1 1
SE080 Power Supply 1 1
C2993 1 & 2 Slots Diaph 1 1
C2995 3 & 5 Slots Diaph 1 1
C3012 Right Angled Prism 1 1
Plano Concave Lens 1 1
Plano Convex Lens 1 1
Trapezoid acrylic body 1 1
Semi Circular body 1 1
C8564 Parabolic Mirror 1 1
R2073 Plane Mirror 1 1
SL021 Set of colour filters 1 1
R3350 Flexible Lead (Set) 1 1
C7489 Optical disc 1 1
R8160 Magnetic board 1  
  Instruction manual 1 1

Light & Optics Experiments