School Science Lab Light and Optics



Exp-1 To demonstrate Nature of Primary & Secondary Colour.
Exp-2 Verification of colour triangles.
Exp-3 Explore the colour perception.
Exp-4 Mixing of primary colours in different ratio.
Exp-5 To create a colour and identify the colour ratio.
SCIENCE, Class X home science ICSE syllabus primary & secondary colour.

Nature of primary & secondary colour may be shown using this apparatus. Colour mixing takes place when two or more colours come together to form a different colour. This apparatus demonstrates how different colours of light form - from the three primary colours. The three basic colours for mixing light are red, green & blue. There is a control box which controls the intensity of six numbers of LEDs (diodes) which are mounted on a stand. Additive and subtracting colour mixing are demonstrated on the screen.

Scope of Supply:

Cat. No. Item Name Qty.
C8581 Color mixer control box 1
R8792 Power adaptor 1
CD500 Six leds in circular frame 1
C8590 Circular frame with hole 1
C8589 Circular frame screen 1
C7296 U-channel bench 50cm 1
C3915 Object rider 3
  Instruction manual 1

Light & Optics Experiments