School Science Lab Light and Optics



Exp-1 To demonstrate Young’s fringes.
Exp-2 To demonstrate diffraction pattern by pinhole, single slit, double slit & grating.
Exp-3 To demonstrate Fresnel’s diffraction.
Exp-4 To determine the slit or pinhole width.
Exp-5 Light spreads when passed through a narrow aperture.
Exp-6 To measure wavelength using a millimeter scale as a grating.
PHYSICS, Class XII, Part - 2 ,Chapter-10, Wave optics.

The kit has been designed to perform a lot of experiment related to the light experiments to find out the wavelength of the light, width of the narrow slit or any type of pattern.

Scope of Supply:

Cat. No. Item Name Qty.
C4941 Diode laser 1
C7296 Optical bench 1
C1734 Object screen with clip 1
R5199 Set of 13 objects(Supplied with R5199) 1
SL744 Diffraction slides (supplied with SN611) 1
C4910 Slit holder 1
SN938 -10 cm bi concave lens in holder 1
SN937 -5 cm bi concave lens in holder 1
SN931 +10 cm bi convex lens in holder 1
SN934 +20 cm bi convex lens in holder 1
SL233 Prism table 1
SP124 Measuring tape (3 m) 1
C0496 Glass scale 1
SG110 Cylindrical base 1
C7292 Laser mount 1
  Instruction manual 1

Light & Optics Experiments