Higher Physics Lab Electricity & Magnetism



Exp-1 To demonstrate the Lenz’s law and effects of electromagnetically induced currents.
Exp-2 To study the transformer effect (turns ratio).

Ring launcher demonstrates the Lenz’s law and effects of electromagnetically induced currents in a unique setup.
An iron core placed in a solenoid. The ring fits over the coil at some height. Press launch button on control panel to energize the coil, a large magnetic induction builds-up on the axis of coil, generating oppositely directed induced current in the ring. The two oppositely directed inductions repel, thus aluminium ring shoots up-to several in air. No effect is seen when using aluminium slit or acrylic ring.

Transformer principle observed with coil of wire having low voltage lamp, the lamp lights briefly. Overheating of coil is prevented by automatic one-shot timing feature.
A 32x24 LED dot-matrix panel displays the time waveform of voltage or current graphically at launching time.
An additional secondary coil is given for step-up and step-down transformer action. Primary & secondary voltages are displayed. Due to insulation provided on all current carrying components, accidental contact is prevented.


S. No. Item Name Qty.
1 Ring Launcher unit 1
2 Iron core 1
3 Adjustment collar 1
4 Aluminum Ring 1
5 Aluminum Ring with split 1
6 Plastic Ring 1
7 Coil with lamp 1
8 Secondary coil 400 & 1500 Turn 1
9 Connecting Leads 2
10 Flexible lead red 1
11 Flexible lead black 1

Electricity & Magnetism Experiments