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Exp-1 Verification of Faraday and Lenz's law of induction by measuring the induced voltage as function of time.
Exp-2 Measurement of the induced voltage impulse as a function of the velocity of the magnet.
Exp-3 Calculation of the magnetic flux induced by the falling magnet as a function of the velocity of the magnet.

  • Multipurpose data logger.
  • Easy setup with advanced software features.
  • Microcontroller based digital timer.
  • Faraday & Lenz's law.
  • Induced E.M.F.
  • Magnetic flux.
  • Free fall.

Principle and Working:
An induced e.m.f. (or induced current) is produced across a conductor when it is exposed to a change in a magnetic field. The mathematical law that relates the changing magnetic field to the induced current (or the induced voltage) is called Faraday's Law. Lenz’s law describes the magnetic flux through the circuit and gives the direction of the induced e.m.f. This gives rise to induced current which opposes the change in magnetic flux.
In the present setup, a permanent magnet falls with different velocities through a coil, the change in the magnetic flux generates an induced voltage impulse. The induced voltage impulse is recorded with voltage probe through a computer interface system Einstien LabMate+. Depending on the polarity of the permanent magnet the induced voltage impulse is negative or positive.


Cat. No. Item Name Qty.
  Einstien LabMate+ 1
  Einstein Voltage Sensor 1
SH319 Support Base 1
SH325 Support Rod 1
SV190 Three Fingle Clamp 2
SW092 Bosshead 3
CD121 Coil N=700, L=75mm, Dia=32mm 1
CD122 Coil N=1150, L=75mm, Dia=32mm 1
SE781 Cylindrical Magnet 1
CD120 Tube 300mm 1
C8599 Digital Timer 1
C8601 Photogate 1

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Computer is not supplied with this setup.

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