Higher Physics Lab Electricity & Magnetism



Exp-1 To study Biot-Savart’s law.
Exp-2 To study the magnetic field along the axis of a current carrying circular loop.
Exp-3 To study the dependancy of magnetic field on coil diameter.

  • Specially designed hexagonal optical bench with locking arrangement for precise positioning.
  • Smooth motion of uprights.
  • Circular loop with different radii.
  • Magnetic field measurement with axial probe.
  • High current power supply.
  • Electrical safety tested.
  • Biot Savart's law.
  • Magnetic flux lines.
  • Induction.
  • Wire loop.

Principle and Working:
A current carrying circular conductor loop produces a magnetic field along its axis which is defined by Biot Savart’s law.

Where R=Radii of the loop, x =Distance from axis through center.

In present setup, three conductor loops of different radii mounted on a special loop holder is provided for investigation. The magnetic field is measured using axial hall probe. A high current power supply is provided to produce the magnetic field.


Cat. No. Item Name Qty.
CD897 Optical bench 1
SEB05 Set of 3 circular loops with holders 1
SE1003 Power supply 0-30 V DC, 0-20 A 1
C4939 Gauss meter with axial probe 1
SN204 Flexible plug lead (100 cm), red 1
SN201 Flexible plug lead (100 cm), black 1
SL216 Saddle 1
CD567 Saddle with micrometer 1

Electricity & Magnetism Experiments