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Exp-1 To measure the force of attraction between charged capacitor plates by Null Method.
Exp-2 To calculate the permittivity of Air.
Exp-3 To measure the force between current carrying conductor and determine the permeability of Air.

By means of null method this balance measures tiny forces, it possess adjustable counterweight and an optical lever. To measure the repulsive force between parallel current-carrying conductors a pair of straight aluminium rods are given. Attractive force between charged capacitor plates ,a pair of plates are also included. In the electromagnetic experiment sufficient deflection may be caused by means of a current of 10-20A. For returning the balance to its original position, fractional weights are added to a small pan which is attached to the upper conductor rod, thus force between the conductors are measured. The dynamic definition of the Ampere or to determine the permeability of Air may be confirmed by interpretation of the result. Permittivity of the air may be observed by the analogous electrostatic experiment. An indirect estimate of the speed of light may be made from these two values. The whole experiment requires a diode laser & scale for the optical lever, fractional weight set for the current experiment, multimetyer for volts and amps, a 300V variable high voltage source and an AC or Dc current source for 10-20A. A detailed manual is included.

Scope of Supply:

Cat. No. Item Name Qty.
SV244 Coulomb and current balance 1
SE1003 Power supply 0-30V DC, 0-20A 1
  Fractional weight set 1
SE067 Multimeter 1
C4941 Diode laser 1
SP134 Wooden scale 50cm 1
  Instruction manual 1

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