School Science Lab Electricity



Exp-1 To show the change in intensity of bulb with adding cells.
Exp-2 To interrupt the electricity by using push switch.
Exp-3 The series and parallel combination of bulbs.
Exp-4 To demonstrate the effect of variable resistance.
Exp-5 The working of change over switch.
Exp-6 To demonstrate the difference between diode and resistance.
and many more......
PHYSICS, Class Xll, Part-1, Chapter - 3, Current electricity.
SCIENCE, Class X, Chapter - 12, Electricity.
Chapter - 13, Magnetic effects of electric current.

  • Vertical demonstration for whole class.
  • 4Name of component & symbol printed on modules.
  • 4Each component fitted with magnet on four grooves provided on rear side of panel.

Scope of Supply:

Cat. No. Item Name Qty.
C7100 Cell holder 3
C7101 Bulb with holder 3
R6235 Lead 4mm red 10cm 3
R6236 Lead 4mm black 10cm 3
R6237 Lead 4mm red 25cm 1
R6238 Lead 4mm black 25cm 1
C7104 Push switch 1
R2712 Steel wool 1
C7106 Universal clips 1
C7105 Rheostat 1
C8119 Insulated wire 1
C7103 Electrode holder with 2 carbon rods 1
C1847 Soft iron bar 1
LP178 Compass 1
C7102 Change over switch 1
R6240 Resistance 1
R6239 Diode 1
R6233 Crocodile clips 2
R8160 Magnetic Board 1
  Instruction manual 1

Electricity Experiments