School Science Lab Electricity



Exp-1 To show the change in intensity of bulb with adding cells.
Exp-2 To interrupt the electricity by using push switch.
Exp-3 The series and parallel combination of bulbs.
Exp-4 To demonstrate the effect of variable resistance.
Exp-5 The working of change over switch.
Exp-6 To demonstrate the difference between diode and resistance.
and many more......
PHYSICS, Class Xll, Part-1, Chapter - 3, Current electricity.
SCIENCE, Class X, Chapter - 12, Electricity.
Chapter - 13, Magnetic effects of electric current.

It is an introduction to the basic principles of electricity through experiments. This kit is specially framed for the students to learn the basic electricity phenomenon.

Scope of Supply:

Cat. No. Item Name Qty.
SG386 Wall thermometer Alcohol filled 1
R1451 Iron nail big 1
R7475-6 Terminal clips made of Brass 2
C1989 Copper ring 1
R3874 Rubber rod 1
CA171 Wooden block disc shape 1
R6792 Brass screw 1
R1462 Aluminium rivet 1
R6801 Marble block small 1
R6796 Piece of Porcelain block 1
R2817 Carbon block 1
P0484 Nail 50mm long 1
R6797 Piece of cord 1
C5684 Spool of copper wire PVC insulated 1
C5685 Bare copper wire 1
C5686 Nichrome wire grey cotton insulated 1
R3858 Bulbs 3.8 Volts screw type 10
C9169 Battery square 4.5 Volt cell holder 1
SE017 Bulb holders plastic 5
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Electricity Experiments