Higher Physics Lab Waves & Sound



Exp-1 To demonstrate longitudinal and transverse waves with spring, rubber cord, steel strips and ripple tank accessories.
Exp-2 Wave phenomena of reflection, diffraction, refraction and interference.
Exp-3 Coherent addition of waves.
Exp-4 Reflection at circular obstacles.
Exp-5 Constructive and destructive interference.

  • Integrated strobe cum ripple generator.
  • Digitally controlled micro controller based accurate frequency and strobe duty cycle.
  • Synchronous and nonsynchronous operation between strobe and vibration generator.
  • Two line LCD display and membrane keypad.
  • Accurate small frequency difference (1Hz) can be created so waves appear to move slower.
  • Frequency range is up to 250Hz in steps of 1Hz.
  • Dual vibration output with 1800 phase difference.
  • High power white LED light source which remains cool during use.

This is a unique micro controller based versatile product suitable for use with ripple tank and wave demonstration accessories for accurate signal and strobe generation. The product has one strobe output and two signal generator outputs which can be digitally set at different values even with 1Hz difference. The strobe frequency can be synchronized with any one of the signal generator outputs as well as from an external signal generator source. Additionally one of the signal generator can provide output at 1800 phase difference. It is provided with a wide range of accessories for ripple tank, spring, rubber cords, steel strips etc. to comprehensively demonstrate wave phenomenon.


Cat. No. Item Name Qty.
SJ158 Strobe cum signal generator 1
SJ159 High power LED source 1
S1021 Vibration generator 1
SH319 Support base 1
SH325 Support rod 1
SW092 Bosshead 1
CA549-51 Steel strips 3
CA384 Spring 1
CA546 Single point dipper 1
CA545 Double dipper 1
CA544 Plane dipper 1
CA542-43 Rubber cords 1
CB223 Parabolic barrier 1
CB224 Big L shape barrier 2
CB225 Small ‘L’ shape barrier 1
CD921 Acrylic lens set 1

* Note: Ripple tank or tray, additional vibration generator & jack can be ordered separately.

Waves & Sound Experiments