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Exp-1 To investigate the damping effect of air, water, oil or glycerin on an oscillating spring.

  • Rotary motion sensor for angle and displacement measurements.
  • Real time Data-logging interface.
  • Mass on the spring oscillates free or damped in various liquids.
  • Easy to measure amplitude.
  • Damping oscillation.
  • Corresponding ratios.
  • Heavily or under damped oscillations.
  • Spring Constant.

Principle and Working:
For a damped oscillation, energy is lost to overcome the resisting forces i.e. damping forces, such as air resistance, viscosity and friction. In different media, the strength of resisting forces varies, so does the extent of damping.
In the present setup, damping oscillation amplitude with time is recorded for various medium like air, water & other fluids by using rotary motion sensor connected with data logger.


Cat. No. Item Name Qty.
  Data Logging Interface 1
  Sound sensor 1
SC337 Round bottom flask 1
SC335 Round bottom flask 1
SH310 Support base 1
SH323 Support rod 1
SW092 Boss head 2
SV190 Three finger clamp 2
SF667 Measuring cylinder 1
R5023 Vernier Caliper 1
SP139 Ruler 1

* Additionally Required
Computer not supplied with this setup.

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