Higher Physics Lab Electronics



Exp-1 Recording the I-V & I-R characteristics of solar cell.
Exp-2 Diode characteristics of transistor junctions.
Exp-3 Recording the characteristics of a transistor.
Exp-4 Recording the characteristics of a field-effect transistor.
Exp-5 To study half wave and full wave (bridge) rectifier.
Exp-6 To study capacitor filter effect in power supply.
Exp-7 To study unregulated and regulated power supply.
Exp-8 To study CE amplifier frequency response .
Exp-9 To study RC-coupled amplifier (multistage amplifier).
Exp-10 To study differential amplifier circuits.
Exp-11 To study Astable multivibrator circuit using transistor.
Exp-12 To study Colpitt's oscillator.
Exp-13 To study Hartley oscillator.
Exp-14 To study UJT as relaxation oscillator.
Exp-15 To study half adder and full adder circuit.
Exp-16 To study half Subtractor.
Exp-17 To study BCD to 7-segment decoder using 7segment display.
Exp-18 To study decade counter.
Exp-19 To study RS flip flop.
Exp-20 To study D flip flop.
Exp-21 To study JK flip flop.
Exp-22 To study shift registers.
Exp-23 Recording the current-voltage characteristics of diodes.
Exp-24 Recording the current-voltage characteristics of zener diodes.
Exp-25 Recording the current-voltage characteristics of LED.

Exp-26 AND, OR, XOR, NOT, NAND and NOR operations.
Exp-27 De Morgan's laws.
Exp-28 Logic operation using three and four variables.
Exp-29 To Study RC Phase Shift Oscillator Using Op-Amp.
Exp-30 To Study Wein Bridge Oscillator Using Op-Amp.
Exp-31 To Study Astable Generators Using IC555 Timer.
Exp-32 To Study Monostable Generators Using IC555 Timer.
Exp-33 Op-Amp as Inverting/Non Inverting Amplifier.
Exp-34 Op-Amp as Adder/Subtractor.
Exp-35 Op-Amp as Integrator/ Differentiator.
Exp-36 Op-Amp as a Comparator.
Exp-37 To study MOSFET characteristics.
Exp-38 To study characteristics of SCR.
Exp-39 To study characteristics of TRIAC.
Exp-40 To Study Ohm's Law.
Exp-41 To Study Kirchoff's Law.
Exp-42 To Study Series & Parallel Effect of Resistance.
Exp-43 To Study Resistances As A Voltage Divider.
Exp-44 To Study LDR Characteristics.
Exp-45 To Study Thermistor Characteristics.
Exp-46 To study ADC/DAC circuits.
Exp-47 To study the R-C Circuit.
Exp-48 To study the L-R Circuit.
Exp-49 To study the L-C-R Circuit.
Exp-50 To study the Clipper and Clamper Circuit.
Exp-51 To study the Charging and Discharging of a Capacitor.

  • Student uses Plug- in Modules for circuit design.
  • This ‘Do It Yourself Approach’ provides better learning.
  • The plug-in modules are design in transparent housing for visibility of the components.
  • The symbols and name of the components printed for easy identification.
  • Very convenient & easy to use 4mm sockets provided to Plug the modules in circuit board.
  • Economical & Flexible method of performing all experiment on one circuit board in case you buy a complete set.
  • Safety as per European standard.
  • Ohm's law.
  • Charging and discharging.
  • Rectifier circuits.
  • Zener diode characteristics.
  • LED characteristics.
  • Clipper and clamper circuit.
  • Transistor characteristics.
  • Analog & digital circuits.
  • Logic gates.
  • Amplifiers & oscillators.
  • Flip-flops.
  • Transistor & Op-Amp.


Cat. No. Item Name Qty.
SEC02 ADC Module 1
SEB11 AND Gate Module 1
CB530 AND Gate Module (Single Gate) 2
SEB12 BRIDGE Rectifier Module 1
SEB71 Capacitor Module 0.001µF 2
SEB14 Capacitor Module 0.01µF 3
SEC03 Capacitor Module 0.022µF 2
SEB72 Capacitor Module 0.047µF 2
SEB15 Capacitor Module 0.1µF 3
SEB16 Capacitor Module 0.47µF 3
SEB73 Capacitor Module 10µF 3
SEB74 Capacitor Module 100µF 1
SEB17 Capacitor Module 1000µF 1
SEC05 Choke Module 1
SEB21 Circuit Board 1
SEB92 D-Flip Flop 1
SEB22 DAC Module 1
SEB89 Decade Counter Module 1
C4160 Decade Resistance Box 1
SE067 Digital Multimeter 3
SEB24 Diode Module 1
SEC07 Ex-OR Gate Module 2
CB534 Ex-OR Gate Module (Single Gate) 2
SW938 Fixed Power Supply +/- 15 V 1
LP16 Flexible Lead Set (25cm) 6
LP17 Flexible Lead Set (50cm) 8
LP18 Flexible lead Set (100cm) 5
SEC04 FND+7 Segment Decoder 1
C8077 Full Adder Module 1
C8076 Half Adder Module 1
SEC13 Half Substractor Module 1
SEB48 IC555 timer Module 1
SEB26 Inductor Module 30mH 2
SEB75 Inductor Module 60mH 1
SEB28 JFET Module 1
SEB91 JK Flip Flop Module 1
R5740 LAMP Source 1
SEB30 LED Module 1
CB539 Light Sensor (LDR) Module 1
SEB31 MOSFET Module 1
SEB32 NAND Gate Module 1
CB531 NAND Gate Module (Single Gate) 1
SEC08 NOR Gate Module 1
Cat. No. Item Name Qty.
CB535 NOR Gate Module (Single Gate) 1
SEB34 NOT Gate Module 1
CB532 NOT Gate Module (Single Gate) 2
SEB87 OP-AMP Module 1
SEB35 OR Gate Module 1
CB533 OR Gate Module (Single Gate) 1
SEB38 Push Button Module 1
SEC06 Regulator Module 1
SEB41 Resistor Module 100Ω 1
SEB43 Resistor Module 330Ω 1
SEB46 Resistor Module 1kΩ 2
SEB47 Resistor Module 3.3kΩ 3
SEB76 Resistor Module 4.7kΩ 1
SEB44 Resistor Module 10kΩ 5
SEB45 Resistor Module 15kΩ 2
SEB78 Resistor Module 27kΩ 2
SEB88 Resistor Module 33kΩ 2
SEB79 Resistor Module 75kΩ 1
SEB40 Resistor Module 100kΩ 1
SEB42 Resistor Module 330kΩ 1
SEB80 Resistor Module 470kΩ 1
SEC10 Resistor Module 1kΩ, 1W 1
SEC11 Resistor Module 100Ω, 1W 1
SEC12 Resistor Module 50Ω, 1W 2
SEB90 RS Flip Flop 1
SEB50 SCR Module 1
SEB82 Shift Register Module 1
SW925 Signal Generator 2
SEC14 Solar Module 1
SEB53 Switch Module 2
CB538 Thermistor Module 1
SEB54 Transformer Module 1
SEB84 Transistor Module 2N2222 2
SEB85 Transistor Module BC107 2
SEB86 Transistor Module BC109 2
SEB57 Triac Module 1
SEB83 UJT Module 1
SW926 Variable Power Supply 2
CB536 Variable Resistor 1kΩ 1
CB537 Variable Resistor 10kΩ 1
SEB81 Variable Resistor 1MΩ 1
SEB13 Zener Diode Module 1

* Additionally Required: CRO is an optional item not supplied with SK023.