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Exp-1 Wave phenomena of reflection, diffraction, refraction and interference.
Exp-2 Coherent addition of waves.
Exp-3 Reflection at circular obstacles.
Exp-4 Constructive and destructive interference.
PHYSICS, Class XII, Part-2, Chapter-10, Wave optics.

  • Microcontroller based digital control.
  • To study almost all the wave properties: reflection, refraction, interference and diffraction.
  • Setting up and disassembling the ripple tank is not required. accessories included in the body of wave tank.
  • Led illumination in 2-ways "synchronous" & "independent" mode.
  • Easy observation of propagation of waves.
  • Fixed angle 15° for visibility of ripples.

There are two settings "synchronous" and "independent" mode. Perfectly stationary images are observed by the ‘SYNC’ which has wave frequency synchronised to light frequency, independent control of the light frequency for slowly moving images are observed by "independent" mode.

Scope of Supply:

Cat. No. Item Name Qty.
C9992 Ripple tank base unit 1
C8606 Tank 1
D7585 Power adaptor 1
C8612 Single point dipper 1
C8613 Double point dipper 1
C8614 Plane wave bar dipper 1
C8455 Curved reflector 1
C8454 Diffraction barrier 2
C8611 Rectangular block shape 1
Convex lens shape 1
Concave lens shape 1
Triangular shape 1
Trapezoidal shape 1
  Instruction manual 1

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